To stay ahead of the competition – and not just in it – organizations are faced with the need to deliver results at a speed greater than the pace of disruption.

While agile drives value with lightning fast, excellent service quality with minimized waste— the enterprise-level adoption of such methodologies poses a big challenge.

As a result, CIOs are increasing distribution of agile experiences across departments to optimize enterprise IT, in order to enable best-fit models based on their staffing, budget and timing requirements.

Driving Enterprise agility with right-speed IT

As experts on Agile, S-Square Systems have a penchant for delivering tailored solutions supporting right-speed IT across organizations and industries, of any scale.

Our established framework and ability to shepherd our clients through their agile journeys empowers us to optimize processes, workforce, tools, and architecture with panache – thereby helping our clients complete the long journey from vision to adoption.

With a penchant for making the impossible possible, by challenging long-held cultural and behavioral approaches, we enable high-performing teams to improve the delivery of business from concept to cash.

Practice Areas

Agile Readiness Assessments

  • Outline the steps in your Agility Journey.
  • Supercharge your organization to become a customer-focused winning machine.
  • Cultivate agility through mindfulness and an experiment-centric culture.
  • Strike the right balance between agile mindsets and framework.
  • Interlace agility with Big Data to deliver insight-driven growth.

Agile Maturity Assessments

  • Optimize the use of lean practices to drive results and leapfrog enterprise agility.
  • Effectively measure the extent, scope, and utility of your agility.
  • Identify & correct gaps and deficiencies within the organization.
  • Uncover the business-defining human aspects of agility.
  • Streamline the administration of agility to take proactive steps and attain sustainable results.

Agile Engineering and DevOps Assessments

  •  Create a foundation for long-term success, by combining best practices of agile and DevOps.
  • Introduce and adapt future-ready concepts using tailor-made solutions that transcend business expectations.
  • Assess, deliver and transform the quality of solutions by implementing foresight and facilitating processes across the organization.
  • Meet the agility & DevOps metrics by knowing exactly how much, how and when to measure what.

Agile-enabled Delivery and Managed Services

  •  Navigate the agile landscape with ease and efficiency.
  • Harness the benefits of incremental delivery.
  • Ensure that agility becomes an enabler for the delivery team – and not an impediment.
  • Accelerate change while increasing profitable growth to support business performance round the clock.
  • Optimize applications performance with proactive managed services, be it on-premise or in the cloud.
  • Improve product time to market (PTTM) and guarantee superlative business outcomes.

Enterprise Transformation with Agile and DevOps

  •  Ask the right questions and make sure your organization is solving the right problems.
  • Transform your business from the swamp of constraints to the freeway of effective delivery.
  • Put in place best practices that foster productive collaboration, increase speed, and boost customer experience.
  • Leverage change and performance management in the agile development and DevOps to drive digital transformation.
  • Leverage agile and DevOps tools to solidify your ability to manage multiple projects seamlessly.

Agile Centre of Excellence & Project Management Office setup

  •  Strengthen the cornerstone of digital business transformation.
  • Create a business-defining Agile Center of Excellence that focuses on measurable outcomes.
  • Help change agents gain the skills necessary to lead the transformation.
  • Maximize the business value of every project while driving down costs.
  • Demonstrate the core value imparted to the organization by developing measures of success.
  • Optimize the transition from simple to complex projects in one step.
  • Foster experimentation, share best practices and retrospectives with developers.

Agile Coaching and Mentoring

  • Harmonize the underlying similarities – and differences – between coaching and mentoring.
  • Avail hands-on coaching experience and practically implement the lessons learned theoretically.
  • Understand the anatomy of powerful coaching and mentoring conversations to match business expectations with outcomes.
  • Understand how coaching and mentoring address specific problems and know when to use which.
  • Evoke and catalyze the enablement of Agile Transformation.
  • Develop the right Agile “muscles” to maximize success.


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