To succeed in this decade, enterprises are working overtime to leverage new technologies and methodologies, to accelerate innovation. However, they are increasingly finding it difficult to derive the true worth of an application when operations and development teams work in silos.

Previously, software used to be “tossed across the wall” to operations/ infrastructure, for deployment and other services. As a result, resolving unforeseen and tricky challenges needed many iterations between multiple groups, resulting in unmet deadlines and unproductive deployments.

After all, nothing is more frustrating than unveiling the new version of an exciting new app – only to have its wheels fall off – when the actual downloading happens.

Changing Software Behavior – One Mindset at a Time

Globally, it has been proven that DevOps needs 35% less IT workforce and 30% lower IT costs.

At S-Square Systems, we realize DevOps is more than a mindset than technological practice.

We amplify this benefit by getting our team of software developers, quality assurance experts, and infrastructure administrators to collaborate throughout the development cycle proactively.

Our extensive experience and expertise in DevOps empowers us to provide our customers with end-to-end DevOps services spanning planning; strategy managed services and execution.

Practice Areas

DevOps Implementation

  • Deliver more with maximum functionality, speed, and innovation.
  • Enable faster speed to market and better business outcomes.
  • Minimize development times by improving the communication between development teams and key stakeholders.
  • Provide the same responsiveness to postcode processes as the software coding process.
  • Rapidly deploy, test and integrate new features into the system.

Environment/Configuration automation

  • Transform businesses into a customer-centric digital ecosystem.
  • Ensure instant & effective provision of DevOps environment while ensuring the new environments are consistent with existing ones.
  • Automate software infrastructure and scale it up with ease.
  • Determine readiness of testing environments to move to the cloud.
  • Optimize asset utilization while lowering support costs and TCO.

Test data management

  • Lower the risk of human error through controlled automation.
  • Speed up software delivery and drive superior quality.
  • Deliver the ability to manage test cases, test planning & execution, defect management, test coverage analysis and test automation monitoring.
  • Ensure test data quality by maintaining consistency across allied masked data.
  • Plug the gaps left by test automation solutions.

Continuous Integration

  • Augment product quality and reduce costs with continuous integration.
  • Effectively combine Coding with Collaboration to derive the most value from implementation.
  • Detect bugs at an early stage of development lifecycle.
  • Increase the coverage of code.
  • Decrease code review time.
  • Deploy code directly to pre-production or production environment.

Continuous delivery

  • Enable proactive collaboration between Dev & Ops teams.
  • Have developers automate testing beyond unit tests.
  • Thoroughly validate updates.
  • Automate entire software release process.
  • Free developers from time-intensive tasks and encourage behaviors that reduce errors and bugs.
  • Perform additional code testing before the automation of entire process.
  • Deliver timely and more frequent updates to customers.

Test Automation

  • Bring together different teams to build, test and deploy applications in order to reduce overall deployment times.
  • Reduce the number of errors in specifications & understanding.
  • Mitigate risks and unlock the value to production.
  • Greatly lower the cost of changing to a system by test automation.
  • Supercharge your delivery pipeline.
  • Enable teams to move past the drudge work of test data management.
  • Shift the focus on user value while ensuring maintainability of projects.

Service virtualization

  • Experience lower costs, greater software quality, and faster delivery.
  • Reduce test cycle times by at least 50%.
  • Improve ability to test applications earlier in the development lifecycle.
  • Run meaningful tests in DevOps by surmounting constraints of interconnected systems.
  • Fast track integration & release processes at a higher quality and lower risk.
  • Create robust test frameworks to deliver comprehensive test coverage while bringing costs down.
  • Drastically increase test execution rates.

SCM And Development/Test Tool Automation

  • Improve product quality and reduce avoidable delays in execution.
  • Support data orchestration with other lifecycle tools.
  • Achieve minimum turnaround time with minimal human intervention and automated processes.
  • Get on-demand updates on development progress and track actionable items.
  • Leverage full-spectrum traceability to enable better release predictability.
  • Benefit from automated defect identification and resolution.
  • Accommodate workflow based automatic triggering of test and automated cases.

Enterprise Release Management

  • Reduce management complexities and ensure more stable release environments.
  • Safeguard the process of continuous service delivery.
  • Have happier and more productive teams.
  • Move the right artifacts from stage to stage, safely and speedily.
  • Eliminate manual labor and improve repeatability.
  • Accurately predict timelines to ensure on-time delivery.

Release planning/automation/monitoring

  • Integrate Continuous Planning, Continuous Testing, Continuous Integration Continuous Delivery, Continuous Monitoring and Continuous feedback on one platform.
  • Run software development practices smoothly without affecting product quality and delivery deadlines.
  • Enable cross-tool traceability for delineating relationships between different objects.
  • Deliver meaningful KPIs and metrics KPIs for better business decisions.
  • Bring down tool integration and testing requirements and facilitate real-time feedback sharing.

Future DevOps with, Containerization/Microservices/PaaS

  • Allow agile development, deployment, and operations of all software types through Microservices.
  • Ensure the highest application density and maximize utilization of server resources.
  • Support an assortment of on-cloud options with the freedom to innovate.
  • Reduce TCO by running different applications on the same hardware.
  • Leverage PaaS and Containerization to eliminate human errors and speed up time-to-market.


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