In a fast evolving enterprise infrastructure ecosystem, application integration is increasingly becoming a business critical and mission-critical predicament. The wide gamut of ideologies and approaches used to attain this common goal is evidence of its irrefutable importance.

Conventional EAIs as they stand today are way too difficult to understand or use. For new and established organizations alike, it’s natural to drown in a sea of conflicting opinions, acronyms and jargons.

The ambiguity in usability and extensibility inevitably leads to consistently poor UX among customers and below par productivity among employees.

Integrate and standardize application integration

Enter S-Square Systems – the harbinger of insight-driven application integration that thrives on the ability to confound chaos with clarity.

To circumnavigate the inflexibility of integrating far-flung infrastructure via a laser edge approach, we ensure the standardization of business-relevant integration across infrastructures.

Our EAI tools position integration as services and maximize ROI. Our highly scalable solutions are bolstered by years of cross-industry technology expertise & enterprise, and can easily be adapted for future needs.

Practice Areas

Business Process Integration

  • Break down the barriers of heterogeneous IT systems.
  • Achieve a more cohesive processing environment.
  • Identify process gaps, eradicate duplication, and get a better understanding of business processes.
  • Harness the benefits of model-driven automation + collaboration; Enable enterprise-wide process visibility to maximize productivity.
  • Address the most complicated application integration needs with superlative efficiency.

SOA/ESB Integration

  • Respond to market requirements with unmatched agility.
  • Leapfrog the efficiency and effectiveness of business processes.
  • Focus more on value-creating competencies instead of myopic workflow management.
  • Optimize business processes and enhances organizational efficiency.
  • Safeguard information integrity across heterogeneous systems.
  • Drive down IT costs by tools that promote integration and eliminate suffocation.
  • Protect ESB integration at every touch point.

Cloud Integration

  • Maximize the value of your SaaS investments and on-premise applications through powerful on-cloud integration.
  • Achieve point-to-point integrations regardless of formats or platforms.
  • Enable best-in-class SaaS adopters to accelerate integration with cloud assets.
  • Attain seamless integration with enterprise applications/systems in the data center.
  • Obtain on-demand insights into KPIs and mission-critical metrics


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