Businesses adapting to advanced technologies often end up with complex and unproductive silos which eventually become difficult to either prevent or manage.

In an evolving ecosystem that makes only the fittest and strongest survive, dynamic and variegated enterprises are empowered by equally dynamic and variegated applications.

Consequently, only those design and implement applications survive and thrive, that are able to efficiently catapult operational performance across the enterprise.

Playing to Win

Reaching – and staying on top of the digital game – takes much more than a pleasant CX. We, at S-Square Systems, make every single CX relevant and synchronous with all parts of your value chain, all the while dismantling organizational silos and setting new terms of digital engagement.

Going way beyond the proverbial extra mile, our EAS (Enterprise Application Systems) ensure that we deliver on our commitment to digital transformation. Our solutions help our customers refurbish their digital CX, effectively engage partner ecosystems, and leapfrog their operational & financial landscape.

Practice Areas

Customer Experience

  • Add meaning, context, and relevance to Digital Disruption.
  • Streamline personalized and persuasive experiences across channels and systems.
  • Replicate unsurpassed customer experiences for the new omnichannel ecosystem.
  • Make customer interactions more intelligent, dynamic and results-driven.
  • Invite customers as co-developers of your organizational accomplishments while rewarding them at every touch point.

Human Capital Management

  •  A win-win roadmap for full throttle digital talent transformation.
  • Leverage the power of innovation to create business-changing employee experience.
  • Get one-touch access to best-in-breed HCM solutions.
  • Nurture a talent-driven organization that raises the bar on excellence & customer satisfaction.
  • Achieve business maturity, technology innovation, and seamless change management structure.
  • Accelerate implementations, streamline processes and lower TCO with precision-laden finesse.

Supply Chain Management

  • Create unique and personalized CX and establish symbiotic multichannel partnerships.
  • Transform your supply chain lifecycle, all the while driving efficiency and lowering operational costs.
  • Unlock hidden opportunities in service delivery management and surmount new challenges with riskless efficiency.
  • Traverse the different stages of supply chain maturity and get from good to great.
  • Cater to global enterprises and smaller local operations with equal efficiency.

Finance and ERP

  • Assess business strategy in real-time to stay ahead of competition.
  • Leverage industry-leading accelerators to deliver future-ready solutions across operating models.
  • Win the battle against money constraints by leveraging a can-do approach that guarantees faster time to value.
  • Cover Finance, Accounting, Governance and Risk Management with a comprehensive suite that enables smarter intelligence and greater agility.
  • An all-encompassing best practices vault of financial management processes with end-to-end integration of ERP.


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