Big Data

There is no debating that data is the new currency. But the sheer dimension, velocity, dynamism, and the rate at which data currents are created, poses new threats – to be acquired, interpreted and transferred – at the speed of now.

As with everything else the world experiences, data-driven organizations stand to gain from being in the thick of this data war, by expanding their offerings to suit customers that are willing to do the talking.

Fortunately, the trail these customers leave in the online world can not only be listened to but also decoded – for businesses to react.

Don’t be left behind. The time to act is now.

Thrive at the Speed of Data

Data only becomes meaningful, when it is well fraught with insights and analytics that maneuver customer expectations. When this data connects the dots between every business goal and acts as soothsayers of the future, a true transformation will occur.

Enter S-Square Systems.

From bringing extensive value to big data, with business strategy and architecture, we are able to dive deep into customer interactions, manage supply chains, read through raw data and achieve total data literacy.

Practice Areas

Big Data Empowerment

  • Find hidden patterns in data to see the big picture of your business.
  • Stay ahead of your key KPIs and metrics by delivering actionable business solutions.
  • Better gauge and fulfill customer needs.
  • Adapt and optimize big data services in high contact, business-critical systems.
  • Unlock the key to greater business impact and industry disruption.
  • Combine the agility of big data processes with AI capabilities to accelerate business value delivery.
  • Make data decide the story of your business in all its nuances and granularity.

Big Data Strategy and Roadmap definition

  • Provide detailed information to supercharge a comprehensive business strategy.
  • Drive short-term and long-term business value.
  • Sift through an assortment of tools and solutions to ensure the selection of ideal-fit options that will drive results.
  • Define and implement the right big data strategy.
  • Deliver a shared and uniform view of what big data means to your organization.
  • Define proof of concepts and involve all members of the department.

Big Data Strategy and Roadmap definition

  • Comprehensive evaluation of big data platforms.
  • Define business cases to demonstrate business value.
  • Reduce the cost, effort, and resources to gauge business data.
  • Execute technology proof of concept and develop pilots to assess technology capability and harness the potential of big data.
  • Develop analytics frameworks for big data use cases.
  • Implement advanced data visualization for advanced analytics and big data predictive modeling.

Big Data Solution Accelerators

  •  Enable rapid adoption of big data across the enterprise.
  • Out-of-box accelerator with pre-built reports and dashboards.
  • Support your business platforms with real-time analytics.
  • Uncover new and richer insights faster than competition.
  • Decode the trick to survive and thrive amidst a big data ecosystem.
  • Implement advanced analytics to seamlessly integrate the variety and velocity of data entering your business.
  • Build future-ready analytic applications tailored to meet the specific demands of your organization.

Big Data Visualization and Analytics

  • Transform Big Data into Bigger Insights.
  • Comprehend and communicate critical information on the fly.
  • Grasp difficult concepts and identify hidden patterns and tends.
  • Identify areas that need improvement and attention.
  • Clearly define factors that influence customer behavior.
  • Forecast sales volumes with picture perfect accuracy.
  • Quickly pinpoint meaningful relationships to focus on areas that matter most to your business.
  • Unravel billions of rows of data within seconds.


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