Business Intelligence

Lots of data, but no real information. Sounds familiar?

In an era where information overload is increasingly becoming the norm, many organizations make do with inadequate tools because they’re unsure about how exactly business intelligence solutions can deliver value. As a result, they are unable to analyze the hidden potential of unstructured data to drive effective decisions.

Just as every keystroke leaves a digital footprint on a stockpile of data, the key lies in understanding the difference between information and data, because information is data which is converted into a meaningful context, ready to harvest insights.

Connect, Respond and Deliver

As experts in BI maneuvering, S-Square Systems is committed to helping you discover perfect and fail-proof ways of delivering tangible business benefits. Our unmatched repository of BI solutions takes away the complexities of critical business metrics, eliminates waste and accelerates strategic decision-making.

Apart from defining your business goals and helping you accomplish them, we reduce client challenges and add meaning to customer satisfaction – driven by our ability to maximize ROI on your BI initiatives.

In a nutshell, we don’t let the data quandary stand between you and your business objectives.

Practice Areas

BI Dashboarding and Scorecards

  • Focus on exactly the measurements that matter to your business.
  • Gain 360-degree visibility into every aspect of your business process.
  • Identify the best KPIs to determine your organization’s progress.
  • Know visually-compelling real-time tactical changes.
  • Drill-down deep to the bottom-level information and stay on top of your business goals.

Business Readiness Assessment

  • Determine the probability of success and failure of your business in no uncertain terms.
  • Validate the accuracy and veracity of your current BI solution.
  • Develop contingency plans by identifying strengths, weaknesses, possibilities and roadblocks.
  • Identify business opportunities before launching a project.
  • Scale up our chances of driving long-term ROI and Bottom-line.

BI Roadmap Planning

  • Define and implement clear “how-to” paths towards improving all aspects of BI strategy.
  • Pinpoint the key pain-points to prioritize your goals.
  • Know how to get to where you want to from where you currently are – through conceptual planning.
  • Outline the project’s Lifecycle for decision-driven applications.
  • Ensure data viability, data reliability and data completeness.
  • Track the increase in BI maturity and productivity to drive better decisions.

BI Tools and Technologies Evaluation

  • Select the right tool for the right process.
  • Save costs by updating redundant technologies.
  • Gather and prioritize BI requirements.
  • Determine how to identify and factor in additional costs into product comparisons.
  • Ensure speed, scalability and ease of analytical use.
  • Go from reactive to proactive by leveraging real-time, data-driven insights.

BI Optimization Services

  • Perform regular and incisive health check-ups of your business systems.
  • Adopt a holistic approach to performance tuning.
  • Identify the quickest and most efficient methods to optimize your BI environment.
  • Scale down maintenance efforts.
  • Accelerate business growth and deliver better outcomes.
  • Optimize technology to minimize waste and drive revenues.


Ready To Talk?

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