Data Management

In a fast-paced environment, making sound business decisions at the speed of now is no longer optional. Not surprisingly, disparities resulting in unstructured information and poor data quality are preventing enterprises from increasing their productivity. The end result? Poor decision making, delayed execution, and stymied business processes.

To circumvent these problems, organizations must improve technology adoption, business systems, and data structuring – all at once – to provide actionable information to those who need it the most.

On-demand Information at your fingertips

At S-Square Systems, we know that the first step towards improving your business model is to analyze your business operations from every vantage point. Our solutions encompass the entire lifecycle of information management – from conceptualization to implementation and value creation.

We identify and combine different types of data from myriad sources to develop a “Data to Insight” ecosystem, delivering pioneering solutions – to create, use, share and manage business-sensitive data points across corporate environments.

This improves user engagement and greatly enriches the customer experience by enhancing the ability to share and access vital information – anytime, anywhere.

Practice Areas

Customer Data Management

  • Create a 360 degree, single customer view.
  • Grow the size of your business by enhancing customer loyalty and retention.
  • Get 100% visibility over customer activity to predict and tackle fraudulent behavior.
  • Reduce risk and uncover hidden opportunities like Upselling and Cross-selling.
  • Dismantle silos and supercharge data quality.
  • Minimize risks, maximize opportunities and identify trends to grow your business.

Master Data Management

  • Comprehensive view of business-specific aspects with visually delightful exploration, self-service access and user-friendly dashboard capabilities.
  • Agile and self-service access to reliable data.
  • A modular approach to drive decision making customer experience and compliance.
  • Acquire data quickly – be it on-premises, on the cloud, or from third-party.
  • Transform master data using external data providers.
  • Identify trends and relationships within data.

Meta Data Management

  • Extensive connectors for indexing and scanning metadata.
  • Discovery of data domain and relationship.
  • Maximize business outcomes for data-powered enterprises.
  • Optimize business value of information assets via data governance and data analytics.
  • Complete visibility of rules, objects transformation and reference data.
  • Semantic search and browsing.

Data Quality

  • Deliver clean, high-quality and trusted data regardless of format, technology, platform and size of data.
  • Optimize business value by fueling all critical initiatives with relevant, trustworthy and lightning fast data.
  • Minimize resource wastage and drive down costs.
  • Identify, monitor and resolve data quality problems on cloud and on-premise applications.
  • Build trust among your customers with enriched and secure email, address and phone data.

Data Analysis and Design

  • Capitalize on data and gain detailed access to data points using cutting-edge data analysis techniques.
  • Visually understand business needs through innovative design approaches to facilitate better decisions.
  • Convert business information requirements into extractable and flexible data structures.
  • Analyze and model data, KPIs, metrics, testing and documentation.

Data Governance

  • Holistically manage your data to reduce risks and costs, stay compliant and expand your business.
  • Fast-track data-packed digital transformation.
  • Exceed bottom-line objectives, improve business efficiencies, lower costs and simplify mergers and acquisitions.
  • Decode fault-proof ways to use data as an asset to retain competitive advantage.
  • Govern data policies, processes and standards on a single platform.
  • Drive product innovation across the platform.

Data Security

  • Achieve digital transformation through an unmatched suite of security solutions.
  • Protect user data, applications and infrastructure.
  • Safeguard and amplify the potential of your full-spectrum value chain.
  • Enable data security intelligence to sensitive data vulnerabilities.
  • Upscale privacy controls to prevent disclosure of and unlawful access to confidential and private information.
  • Automated and secure provisioning of non-production datasets.

Data Integration Architecture

  • Ensure repeatable and sustainable data integration best practices.
  • Break down silos and drive enterprise-uniformity of data collection and dissemination.
  • Lower data latency by responding faster to both threats and opportunities.
  • Bridge the gap between warehouse and real-time information.
  • Provide users with timely information on what is happening now and what will happen next.


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