Data Warehousing

In a fast-paced environment, making sound business decisions at the speed of now is no longer optional. Not surprisingly, disparities resulting in unstructured information and poor data quality are preventing enterprises from increasing their productivity. The end result? Poor decision making, delayed execution, and stymied business processes.

To circumvent these problems, organizations must improve technology adoption, business systems, and data structuring – all at once – to provide actionable information to those who need it the most.

On-demand Information at your fingertips

At S-Square Systems, we know that the first step towards improving your business model is to analyze your business operations from every vantage point. Our solutions encompass the entire lifecycle of information management – from conceptualization to implementation and value creation.

We identify and combine different types of data from myriad sources to develop a “Data to Insight” ecosystem, delivering pioneering solutions – to create, use, share and manage business-sensitive data points across corporate environments.

This improves user engagement and greatly enriches the customer experience by enhancing the ability to share and access vital information – anytime, anywhere.

Practice Areas

Data Warehouse Architecture

  • Define and identify relevant data structures.
  • Manage customer relationships better by providing a consistent view of customers and to-be-done tasks.
  • Ensure informational symmetry between top, middle and bottom tiers.
  • Automated data reporting, analysis, and mining tools.

Dimensional Data Model

  • Understand databases like 1, 2, 3.
  • Simplify and streamline database performance.
  • Enable faster and better database performance.
  • Track customers, employees and interconnecting systems with unmatched ease.
  • Benefit from optimized of databases.

DW Integration with OLTP

  • Ensure fast writes, better management of transactions and low latency.
  • Get helpful snapshots of current and new business processes.
  • Maintain data integrity in multi-access environments.
  • Apply fast data query processing.

Data Mart/Analytics Design

  • Leapfrog efficiency and scope of datasets.
  • Keep pace with constantly evolving analytical and business requirements in an agile way.
  • Get in the driver’s seat for data optimization and streamlining.
  • Reduce dependence on resource-constrained developers.
  • Address end-to-end analytic needs, whether it is departments, businesses or geographic areas.


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