Predictive Analytics

Preparing for the future requires two things: immersive insight into historical trends, and the ability to quickly adapt to the fast-evolving digital landscape – without which, organizations will increasingly find it difficult to meet their business challenges or generate new revenue streams.

The message is simple – Risk management can be a tricky proposition unless carefully dealt with, and there are only two choices:

Leverage predictive analytics to become proactive and forecast future events
Lose relevance and become redundant

Predictive Analytics:

The power to foresee the future before anybody else does

We at S-Square Systems do not stop at leveraging analytics technologies to deliver measurable & definitive results. We begin from there, combining a gamut of iterative machine learning and data science tools to:

  • Improve customer safety
  • Lower costs
  • Make better investments
  • Identify and rectify counterproductive patterns
  • Transform decision-making from reactive to proactive

As a technology-driven organization, we know that digital transformation can only occur when the business is as agile and effective as the technology driving it.

Converting existing data into predictive insights, we foresee likely mission-critical outcomes and help you take steps to maximize positive results while minimizing negative ones.

Practice Areas

Predictive Data Modeling

  • Forecast business outcomes with unmatched accuracy.
  • Identify indicators of fraudulent activity within and between data sets.
  • Accelerate development time on models and facilitate speedy deployments.
  • Gain business-defining insights on-the-move and at breakneck speeds.
  • Catapult the potential of data science to where it belongs whilst driving improved ROI.
  • Amplify the power of predictive analytics.

Social Media Analytics

  •  Know what social media can do to grow your business.
  • Get the real-time pulse of your customers exactly where they are.
  • Gain full-spectrum visibility into a specific market and compare results with multivariate data sources.
  • Derive key insights from different perspectives of the same information.
  • Drill-down social sentiment to individual posts by extracting meaningful snippets of online conversations.
  • Bring structure to customers and unlock real value from it.
  • Select ideal fit social media sites that best serve your purposes.

Behavioral Analytics

  • Identify specific problems to make sure the end result is actionable information.
  • Gain insights into the actual behavior of consumers regardless of platforms, applications or channels.
  • Turn normal users to power users through white-glove engagement.
  • Explore and influence customer sentiment as it relates to your brand.
  • Know what it takes to turn skeptical customers into actual customers and eventually, repeat customers.
  • Eliminate the gap between raw insights and revenue-generating engagement.

Cloud Analytics

  • Understand how cloud analytics is the best analytics for your business.
  • Make the most of all the elements of cloud-driven analytics.
  • Get more out of your data.
  • Unlock the collective power of your data sources to inform critical decisions.
  • Support disparate data using cost-effective and scalable solutions.
  • Enable secured connectivity across cloud and on-premise data sources.
  • Speed up the journey towards data-driven agility and digital transformation.

IoT Analytics

  • Harness the power of data on the internet.
  • Minimize maintenance costs, avoid equipment failures and improve business operations.
  • Blend machine and sensor data with enterprise applications, data warehouses, maintenance history, GPS devices, and more.
  • Effortlessly manage data complexity and volume to ensure failure-proof implementation of analytics.
  • Trace meaningful patterns with compelling visualizations and strategic analysis.
  • Apply equipment-driven insights to drive better operational efficiency.
  • Discover subtle patterns in device data using powerful data mining and machine learning mining tools.

Machine Learning Analytic Engines

  •  Leap from idea to implementation in a matter of clicks.
  • Predict and change future events before they happen.
  • Build insight engines that provide advanced and customer-centric data points.
  • Speedily deploy data-driven and communication-driven engines to manage big data better than competition.
  • track millions of metrics across applications to define normal customer behavior.
  • Deliver instant analysis of root cause and make intelligent recommendations for current or past incidents.
  • Drive optimal business outcomes by implementing best-in-class algorithms that consider contextual and sudden behavioral changes.


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