Cloud Management Services

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Many organizations are unable to get past fragmented approaches when it comes to managing cloud performance. Without clarity and 360-degree visibility, it is practically impossible to identify and tackle the root-cause of performance issues.

In several cases, IT is still seen as a cost center to support business processes.

Inevitably, organizational productivity is compromised, compliance and security needs are disregarded, and the availability of applications greatly hindered.

Getting most out of cloud resources

At S-Square Systems, we know better. Focus on robustness, availability, and efficiency must never be at the cost of business innovation – something which creates a perennial mismatch between the operational and developer team.

Our Cloud Managed Services deliver seamless cloud experience that is realized by ensuring harmony between configuration, provision, security and application management.

We help organizations attain optimal operational agility, a better-managed IT governance and more inclusive integration of diverse components—from applications to platforms – on the cloud infrastructure.

Through our Cloud Management offerings, we define the best-in-breed cloud framework that allows for continuous delivery of DevOps across heterogeneous cloud models – be it private, public or hybrid.

Practice Areas

Manage Cloud Resources

  •  Manage all your resources & projects centrally – and uniformly.
  • Minimize the cost of providing the service.
  • Filter out the avoidable costs of a hybrid cloud environment.
  • Manage workloads effectively with a combination of strategic planning and tool selection.
  • Eliminate the complexities of cloud management.
  • Adopt a streamlined approach to cloud computing.

Cloud Provisioning

  • Make the resources available for customers on an on-demand basis.
  • Go beyond the flexibility and costs savings of cloud computing.
  • Provision multiple instances of a service simultaneously.
  • Accelerate the adoption of hybrid cloud.
  • Simplify the configuration and deployment of vital components.
  • Maintain complete control over resources and software subsystems.

Cloud Service Operations

  • Adapt to rapid changes in technology trends.
  • Streamline the delivery of cloud services throughout the lifecycle.
  • Move from technology component management to delivery of cloud services.
  • Gain visibility into existing & future multi-cloud costs.
  • Ensure the alignment of new/existing services to roadmap.
  • Enhance performance of hybrid applications, all the while lowering costs.
  • Improve service delivery effectiveness across all lines of business platforms.

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Cloud Software Services

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The fact that cloud has become the new normal is old news. It is no longer just another interesting way to lower IT costs; it is in fact increasingly about gaining & retaining the competitive edge, accelerating business transformation and fructifying myriad game-changing possibilities.

Before reaping the benefits of cloud, businesses first need to transition them safely – a process that is often fraught with challenges ranging from insufficient planning to obsolete technology. Challenges in carrying out successful cloud adoption come in all possible sizes and severities. The biggest challenge isn’t the technology – it’s the people and processes that need to adapt first.

As-a-service: Roadmap to acceleration

In an era where just about everything comes aaS (as-a-service), sorting the wheat from the chaff is becoming increasingly difficult, but is something that must be done to get the ball rolling and keep the scoreboard ticking. Realizing, that changing long-held behaviors and mindsets regarding cloud adoption is the biggest challenge, we at S-Square Systems begin from there, sowing the seeds of a truly transformative change – one person/process/system at a time. Our Cloud Software services combine speed and innovation and deliver the best-of-breed cloud software in a secure and connected suite embedded with in-built best-practice processes. We cover the full spectrum of mission-critical business processes in the SaaS domain – including HRM, SCM, Financial contours along with the all-important backend processes.

Practice Areas

Change Management for Saas Applications

  • Equip your change management team with everything they need to succeed.
  • Inspire progress and reinforce the dangers of resistance to change.
  • Overcome project roadblocks using laser-edge execution and gain competitive advantage.

Multi-Cloud Orchestration of Saas Applications

  • Fulfill the promise of cost optimization and operational efficiency.
  • Leverage the best cloud management platforms and orchestration tools to enable hybrid cloud use.
  • Deliver actionable insights to business executives to make operations more effective.
  • Accelerate resource deployment and unburden the IT department.

Process Driven Cloud Transformations

  • Accelerate the journey to cloud and eventually, business transformation.
  • Know – and do – what it takes to drive agility.
  • Create a successful digitization strategy.
  • Make customer interaction a key aspect of the full-spectrum business process.
  • Identify “to-be” scenarios to help executives make strategic decisions.
  • Amplify the benefits of a process-driven approach.
  • Benchmark performance against the competition.

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Cloud Application Services

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With greater alacrity than ever before, emerging techniques like automated testing and cloud-focused environments are being leveraged to drive ROI-centric efficiency and scale down developmental costs.

Cloud platforms have the uncanny ability to package all relevant services into applications – encompassing architecture, database, and virtualization.

By ensuring the standardization of common processes and shared environments, companies have discovered the treasure trove of accelerated application delivery and drastically improved quality – which makes the development of mobile applications scalable and extensible in the truest sense.

Turbocharging dollar-value efficiency

S-Square System’s suite of Cloud Application Services does more than just nudging your journey to the cloud. Regardless of whether you’re venturing into a brand new application or moving a pre-existing program, we are always adept and on-point.

With our commitment to supercharge dollar-value efficiency, our offerings include but are not restricted to – migration and monitoring solutions running on PaaS/IaaS cloud platforms.

Practice Areas

Application Migration to Cloud

  •  Accelerate time-to-value for customers.
  • Optimize large-scale cloud migration seamlessly.
  • Maximize the potential of IaaS and PaaS.
  • Break the ‘lift-tinker-and shift mentality.
  • Add new features or performance that are difficult to achieve in existing environments;
  • Bring synergy between agility and business continuity.
  • Reduce the surface area that you must secure.

Application Hosting and Monitoring on Cloud

  • Ensure the best performance on diverse cloud environments.
  • Optimize and troubleshoot at every single layer – from the infrastructure to the UX.
  • Solve your reliability problems and complex performance with extensible SaaS solutions.
  • Get instant and complete visibility across your systems.
  • Create data streams, optimize events, and get real-time alerts from searches.
  • Identify anomalies and patterns using advanced analytics.

Cloud-based Application deployments

  • Get the perfect cloud deployment model to gain a competitive edge.
  • Gain unbridled access to IT resources and services to make your business agile & flexible.
  • Ensure reliability and scalability of performance even in diverse and scattered environments.
  • Augment the functionality of your applications.
  • Support stateful as well as stateless applications.
  • Track the services that make up your application

Cloud-based automated Application Testing

  • An end-to-end solution that transforms the way testing is done.
  • Enhance your competitiveness by reducing the testing cost without impacting mission-critical applications.
  • Enable provisioning of test servers on demand.
  • Leverage a framework and platform-agnostic means of carrying out automated testing.
  • Avail the ideal way to conceptualize and write test cases.

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Cloud Infrastructure Services

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Most enterprises continue to run their businesses on legacy applications and systems that cannot keep pace with the fluidity of modern ecosystems. They were built at a time when disruptive agents of change such as Mobility, Big Data, and Cloud did not exist.

As a result, they are still operating in silos and are unable to harmonize the cumulative benefits.

The end result?

A fragmented operating environment inundated by disparate systems and technologies.

Against this backdrop, the need of the hour is to codify this growing complexity using the infinite potential of the cloud to devise automated, scalable and future-ready solutions.

Operational empowerment is the preclude to transformation

Keeping all these predicaments into consideration, S-Square Systems are uniquely positioned to leverage Cloud Infrastructure to modernize IT infrastructure – by enabling extreme automation, transforming legacy business practices and increasing agility through a blend of public, private and hybrid clouds.

Our offerings support planning, implementing and managing diverse cloud environments with an enviable assortment of choices.

Our automated monitoring of multiple clouds help you scale applications without having to pile up tedious hardware or hiring elusive skill sets. Each cloud operates in a uniquely tailored environment with enterprise-level functionality, to address a wide array of customer requirements.

Practice Areas

Plan, Build and Manage Cloud Infrastructure

  • Eliminate the roadblock of complexity to business value creation.
  • Detect, prevent and remediate potential loopholes while planning a Cloud Infrastructure strategy.
  • Avail a portfolio of flexible options to implement and upgrade cloud environments.
  • Change the realm of IT from CAPEX to OPEX.
  • Guarantee 24×7 IT Services availability.

Private, public and hybrid Cloud deployment models

  • Discover which combination of models is best suited for your needs.
  • Maximize the benefits of a hybrid IT cloud infrastructure with your preferred choice of platforms.
  • Drive ROI and efficiency within well-defined SLAs.
  • Ensure optimal economies of scale and scalability across all industries.
  • One-stop point to run your services – no matter where your infrastructure lives.
  • Actualize the true benefits of Cloud Infrastructure Optimization.
  • Host critical applications with unmatched cost & efficiency benefits in a multi-tenant cloud environment.
  • Effectively re-position your business on the Cloud quicker, while eliminating the maintenance & support burden from your team.

SaaS, PaaS, IaaS and BPaaS delivery models

  • Select a business process that is in total harmony with your business policy.
  • Deliver better than expected profitability by getting the most of all delivery models.
  • Streamline the underlying cloud environments to support large-scale elasticity and scaling.
  • Leverage automation, standardization, and repeatability in a way that leapfrogs business efficiency.
  • Easily manage business processes in a hybrid manner to attain delivery of the best outcomes.

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Cloud Strategy and Assessment

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Uninterruptible innovation has become the new standard in today’s IT landscape. With the expansion of mobile, social and data-driven ecosystems, drastic changes have unfolded, catching many industries off-guard and unprepared.

Incumbent leaders, big or small are facing similar threats, and there is more to come.  Amidst all this chaos, one thing is clear: cloud is a stepping stone to any form of transformation.

In order to survive and thrive, you cannot look at technology as the starting point.

In other words, your cloud strategy must uncover opportunities that are tailored to your business, industry, and needs. It’s about preparing a roadmap of continuous transformation that sets the platform to bridge the gap between the current you and the ideal you.

Making every step count – on and through the cloud journey

As a cloud evangelist, S-Square Systems realize that merely cloud to the already crowded mix serves little purpose in the pursuit of the elusive competitive advantage. It is paramount to adopt a cloud-first approach to every strategic move.

Our cloud strategy & readiness services identify all the challenges you face throughout your cloud journey—from compliance to adoption barriers.

With our commitment to unearth revenue-enhancing opportunities through our cloud offerings, we are passionate about un-settling rigid legacy systems and helping your business understand your cloud readiness.

Practice Areas

Define Cloud Strategy

  • Amplify cloud-driven value through proactive strategy & readiness assessment.
  • Go beyond the technical and identify solutions through the lenses of finance, marketing, HCM, and Procurement.
  • Create a well-defined roadmap for cloud adoption.
  • Precisely know how, what, and when applications should migrate to the cloud.
  • Get insightful suggestions on consolidating and integrating your existing applications to derive more value.

Define Cloud Roadmap

  • Define realistic roadmaps mapping the transition to future operating models.
  • Prioritize the migration of your portfolio.
  • Evaluate and amplify the benefits from adopting cloud technology.
  • Empower decision making at multiple levels.
  • Adopt a well-proven approach that facilitates rapid execution.

Assess Cloud Readiness and Suitability

  • Provide deep insights into business objectives at each step of the cloud readiness assessment.
  • Find out how cloud creates new opportunities to affect existing and future-state business models.
  • Avail industry-proven expertise in planning, implementation, management, and migration.
  • Develop a technology-agnostic approach to deliver solutions that solve real business problems.
  • Understand the cost-effectiveness of both current offerings and the potential savings and benchmark them against industry standards.

Cloud Consulting

  • Ask the right questions, get honest answers and make informed cloud decisions.
  • Accomplish your business objectives completely and holistically.
  • Boost innovation and lower unnecessary expenses at the same time.
  • Put your business on track to successful cloud adoption while mitigating risks and driving productivity.
  • Ensure compliance for mission-critical applications.
  • Simplify workforce collaboration.

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Cloud Services

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Cloud is revolutionizing the way organizations are transacting their business through outcome-driven IT agility – heralding innovation and reducing costs in the process. Yet, the secure orchestration of data and applications between public/private cloud and on-premise environments has never been more challenging.

Despite the widespread cloud-enabled flexibility that allows organizations to identify, analyze and implement big-ticket business initiatives – there is a lack of cohesiveness in cloud migration.

Cloud adoption is looked at very differently by IT and Business Teams. One views it as an opportunity to transition from CapEx to OpEx and drive agility; the other looks at it through the prism of bolstering investments that maximize value for the company.

Journey to Cloud, re-defined

Join S-Square Systems, which helps you harmonize the plus points of both approaches – by helping you plan, deploy and upgrade a cloud infrastructure that is aligned with your business strategy.

We’re committed to helping enterprises become holistically digital – by integrating cloud as the foundation of their business to discover new opportunities, developing actionable insights and creating memorable customer experiences.

With our expertise in approaching cloud migration from diverse perspectives – including modernizing legacy applications and leapfrogging their tangible contribution towards business objectives, we help our clients optimize costs and performance across workloads in equal measure while giving them real-time visibility into every step of the journey.


Cloud Strategy And Assessment

Deciphering your enterprise’s ideal path to the cloud is far from easy. When you are inundated with attractive choices for adopting cloud technologies that are an ideal fit, you can depend on our cloud strategy services to fast-track your journey. No longer will “defining a cloud strategy” be a perennial challenge that stymies your efforts.

Cloud Application Services

Our cloud application services enable you to quickly scale web applications, establish testing environments, and deploy “High-Performance Computing”(HPC) applications. Our global network of optimally managed cloud infrastructure – that stands tall on the strong foundation of our best-in-breed data centers enables greater choice for managing and monitoring business-defining applications across a hybrid cloud ecosystem.

Cloud Management Services

Implement a ready-to-deploy management strategy for your cloud environments with our cloud management services. By defining governance models that include operational and delivery policies, we maximize your IT investments, boost your ROI and provide great operational flexibility. This helps you build cloud frameworks that accentuate the benefits of the public, private and hybrid cloud.

Cloud Infrastructure Servies

Manage your cloud infrastructure like a breeze using our Cloud Infrastructure Services that is powered by a portfolio of flexible choices that catalyze cloud adoption at the speed of thought. We deliver a hybrid cloud infrastructure that is congruent with your choice of heterogeneous cloud platforms, including IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, and BPaaS delivery models. As a result, you are able to cost-effectively deploy & manage dynamic and scalable architectures on best-in-class cloud platforms.

Cloud Software Services

Cloud Software Services harness the potential of SaaS using a differentiated methodology that makes you attain better than expected business outcomes from a cloud-focused approach. We encourage you to utilize cloud as a means to transform processes and accomplish business objectives, all the while implementing the necessary changes in organizations, systems, processes, and people.


S-Square’s experience spans across a multitude of technologies and platforms in the Enterprise Analytics realm. S-Square has proficiency in many popular open source databases and advanced and predictive analytics platforms. We operate desired tools and technologies to offer open architecture solutions right from organizing the data with best governance practices to storing, processing, integrating and cleansing data to final visualization, we have the latest tools and platform capability.

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