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Enterprise Risk and Security Solutions

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The severity and complexity of threats is growing by the day. Despite the implementation of world-class systems, data proliferation is steadily increasing the number of breaches.

In a highly interconnected market, it’s imperative to have a robust monitoring mechanism in place, that can automatically detect and remediate unexpected threats, performance speed breakers, and network problems – in real-time.

Tech-savvy attackers need to be responded to in real-time, to limit the damage to their dangerous intrusions.

Dismantling Cyber-Crime

We at S-Square Systems adopt a business-driven approach of bolstering security, compliance and operating models that help you stay one step ahead of cyber bullies.

Our enterprise security solutions accommodate a gamut of capabilities across technologies and industries. With a strong commitment to safeguarding your business assets, we take pride in our ability to chalk out strategies that are necessary to maintain critical infrastructures.

Our end-to-end offerings include application security services, risk assessment, proactive protection of information assets and IAM, among others.

Practice Areas

Identity and Access Management

  • Add value to your security program with our dedicated IAM engineering teams.
  • Maintain complete control of user access rights.
  • Avail the right resources at the right time for the right reason.
  • Provide appropriate access to resources across heterogeneous technology environments.
  • Reduce identity management costs.
  • Become more agile in supporting & improving new business initiatives.

Infrastructure, Application & Data Security Solutions

  • Benefit from data security infrastructure solutions that understand and meet your business goals.
  • Increased visibility on information exchange across the enterprise.
  • Avail protection across the extended networks—before, during, and after attacks.
  • Analyze malicious intents proactively and automate management of emerging threats.
  • Obtain best-in-breed protection from constant and rapidly evolving IT threats.

GRC – Governance, Risk And Compliance Services

  • Develop frameworks to comply with regulatory requirements and improve the quality of your GRC initiatives.
  • Leverage best-in-class technology platforms and system integration methodologies to improve organizational security.
  • Unify the scope, efficacy, and purpose of risk management, and threat compliance to improve all-around visibility.
  • Specialized assistance in business-critical domains.
  • Identify, monitor, manage and remediate, enterprise risks.
  • Set the right tone and make better sense of business decisions.

Digital Security Services

  • Cover all bases in protecting digital business models.
  • Encompass critical aspects of industry-wide digital security.
  • Achieve efficiencies and support the changing needs of a digital ecosystem.
  • Minimize system downtime and ensure fast recovery in case of a security mishap.
  • Transform your security initiatives into a user-friendly, cost-effective experience.

Data privacy and protection

  • Raise the bar while setting new standards for data protection.
  • Predict, prepare for and combat online attacks effectively.
  • Build cyber resilience to meet data privacy standards.
  • Identify and prevent data thefts.
  • Harmonize the similarities & differences between data privacy and protection.
  • Aggressively assess, test and adopt best available technologies.

Cloud security

  • Achieve massive economies of scale.
  • Focus your attention on high-level application security management.
  • Get low-cost access to large amounts of storage/processing capacity.
  • Prevent server crashes during high traffic periods by up-scaling your cloud solution.
  • Stay abreast of the latest security updates to protect you from intelligent malware.
  • Gain actionable insight into every single move — by location, user, and device — within seconds.

Internet of Things (IoT) security

  • Create a holistic culture of inbuilt security.
  • Work with cybersecurity and intelligence entities to make IoT devices for consumers and businesses alike.
  • Interlace human understanding with algorithms.
  • Implement best practices for securing IoT devices across all domains.
  • Improve security throughout the development lifecycle of an IoT product.
  • Always be in the know of the best ways of upping your IoT security.

DevOps security

  • Mitigate security problems and address threats faster.
  • Accelerate the adoption of automation of DevOps security.
  • Discover how to make security requirements a key tenant of DevOps best practices.
  • Secure both the code and the environments.
  • Gain visibility over the entire systems development lifecycle.
  • Enable automated security via tools that can be shared across different functions.
  • Attain high speeds without risking governance or stability.


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Managed Support Services

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Literally, hundreds of applications and legacy systems are used by organizations every day. The efficiency of a business operation is predicated on the utilization of data and applications.

Be it transitioning to cloud-based applications, optimizing workforce or automating IT infrastructure – companies are increasingly finding that they cannot do without an expert technology partner who can help navigate the tough terrain of today’s business landscape.

In other words, process transformation is no longer optional. Service provider hamstrung by the lack of management support system cannot fulfill the all-important mandate of sustaining or improving operational margins.

Managing applications, technology, and systems – in one jump

We at S-Square are committed to migrating legacy applications to complement the evolving business needs.

Rather than conforming to the old-school tradition of break-fix methodology, our dedicated managed services are aimed at preventing such issues before they begin disrupting your business.

With our Managed Support Services, you are sure to reap the proven advantage of preventing fires as opposed to fighting them.

Practice Areas

Application Maintenance

  • Streamline business processes without affecting productivity or efficiency.
  • Traverse the entire EA lifecycle – from package evaluation and execution to migration via integration, support & maintenance, and enhancements.
  • Provide a secure and high-performance platform.
  • Reduce the time taken in bug fixing, debugging and troubleshooting.
  • Improve application performance by updating application management strategies.
  • Minimize cost of maintenance.

Database Maintenance

  • Create data and dimensional models which accommodate changing business requirements.
  • Get the desired results for years without having to make constant enhancement.
  • Transform data from your business intelligence/reporting applications into actionable information.
  • Get the most out of your existing business applications.
  • Maintain data quality across the enterprise environment.
  • Facilitate better decision-making while catapulting customer UX.

Legacy Application Migration

  • Painlessly upgrade your applications & systems.
  • Enhance security and productivity with efficient processes.
  • Eliminate errors during migration by automation.
  • Improve business performance by leveraging the best technologies and expertise.
  • Grow your business by using the right blend of current application management in relation to technology enhancements.


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Managed Infrastructure Services

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If you’re spending more time in solving problems than growing your business, the writing is on the cards: your organization isn’t as agile as it needs to be.

For many organizations, effective management of their IT infrastructure is a daunting task. This, in turn, has a trickle-down effect on the testing of sensitive data & interconnected systems.

While an effective strategy is rolling out automated tools to track and validate either the hardware or software, doing so without running into untoward challenges or high associated costs needs white-glove expertise.

Simplify and Amplify

At S-Square Systems, we know the importance of hassle-free infrastructure management.

Our focus on software defined everything, coupled with our on-demand deployment of advanced analytics and automation manages business-defining infrastructure components with panache.

It is this ability to evolve automation, technology, and processes, all the while adopting as-a-service models to your advantage, which elevates customer experience to a new level.

Our global reach helps us consolidate, standardize and virtualize systems utilizing customer-owned IT to provide low-cost, efficient and extensible IT all over the world.

Practice Areas

Remote System Management & Monitoring

  • Enhance the visibility of your business processes, devices, systems, and equipment.
  • Turbocharge your operational efficiency by magnifying the potential of IT automation.
  • Avail user-defined, tactical monitoring via instant alerts of changes and auto-solve programs involving business-critical components.
  • Keep the wheels of your enterprise running through automated assessment of network performance.

Information & Data Security Audit

  • Streamline the lifecycle of information flow.
  • Benefit from a comprehensive suite of offerings including but not restricted to forensic analysis, security audit & compliance, event analysis, penetration testing and security monitoring.
  • Develop controls of applications before systems are implemented.
  • Increase information reliability by aligning data protection strategies to your requirements, while reducing risks.

Disaster Recovery & Backup Services

  • Minimize downtime in a cost-effective manner.
  • Recover your business faster with sustained security and heightened reliability.
  • Better than world-class Data Protection and Disaster Recovery services.
  • Augment business operations with customer-friendly solutions.
  • Meet business objectives on or before deadlines.

Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Test

  • Proactively identify the invisible risks in IT infrastructure.
  • Carry out comprehensive application evaluation as opposed to a single stand-alone test;
  • Dissolve risks in application development process.
  • Detect threats facing applications, networks or systems – before they hurt your business;
  • Safeguard data and systems from malicious attacks.

Licensing & Software Asset Management

  • Focused detailing & documentation of corporate software licenses.
  • Precisely determine the applications that are configured on the corporate systems.
  • Identify sources of system tools to monitor license agreements and configurations.
  • Reduce costs and drive efficiency.
  • Extract benefits from software usage/value.
  • Enhance negotiating power and buying decisions.
  • Gain control over software licensing.


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IT Infrastructure Services

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To make ends meet, the evolving landscape of new technologies and business transformation requires intersection.As a result, the majority of the modern infrastructure is under unprecedented pressure to transcend the very speed of business itself. This, in turn, needs a mindset – and eventually, a culture – of resource-centric digitalization to transform consequences of digital disruption into opportunities for agile transformation.

The message is clear as daylight.

Organizations need the best available solutions quickly and must predict change before they translate into reality. Among widespread information chaos, the answer is to deliver infrastructure services that are singularly focused on improving the ever-so-underrated UX.

Getting it right the first time

S-Square Systems does that and more. By repositioning infrastructure from merely an edifice on which the business is structured, to a catalyst of change, we empower organizations to enable their business in an ever-ready state.

By accelerating delivery and sustaining the contextual relevance of infrastructure, we’ve mastered the art of unlocking the hidden & trapped value of unrelated resources.

Our Infrastructure Services bolster all things IT with the right blend of innovation and expertise – to help meet tomorrow’s demands and enable agile infrastructure with simpler, faster operations.


Managed Infrastructure Services

Our outcome-centric approach to Managed Infrastructure Services connects services, solutions, and suppliers to implement industry-wide integrated solutions across the supply chain.

By eliminating roadblocks and connecting resources to accelerate your business transformation journey, we deliver exactly what you need to succeed. Our managed infrastructure offerings are driven by uninterrupted customer satisfaction, all the while helping you focus on core business.

Enterprise Risk And Security Solutions

Through a suite of security solutions, we unlock the latent potential of your applications, infrastructure, and data – not necessarily in the same order – to fast-track digital transformation and leapfrog your end-to-end value chain.

Our penchant for turning intrusion technologies into business goldmines inspires us to provide periodic risk assessment, proactive security of IT assets, data encryption services, IAM and a lot more.

Our vantage point towards enterprise security helps you thwart information risk and implement the right strategic tools to make your system invasion-proof.

Managed Support Services

At S-Square, our varying levels of monitoring and management support your organization’s changing needs. S-Square offers a full-spectrum of network management and customized support programs to fit the needs of your business.

Leveraging industry proven, secure remote monitoring & management tools, we provide 24×7 coverage.

With our Managed Support packages, you will benefit from the guidance of a certified & dedicated resource that offers flexible, cost-effective and personal attention to meet your needs.


S-Square’s experience spans across a multitude of technologies and platforms in the Enterprise Analytics realm. S-Square has proficiency in many popular open source databases and advanced and predictive analytics platforms. We operate desired tools and technologies to offer open architecture solutions right from organizing the data with best governance practices to storing, processing, integrating and cleansing data to final visualization, we have the latest tools and platform capability.


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