Many organizations are unable to get past fragmented approaches when it comes to managing cloud performance. Without clarity and 360-degree visibility, it is practically impossible to identify and tackle the root-cause of performance issues.

In several cases, IT is still seen as a cost center to support business processes.

Inevitably, organizational productivity is compromised, compliance and security needs are disregarded, and the availability of applications greatly hindered.

Getting most out of cloud resources

At S-Square Systems, we know better. Focus on robustness, availability, and efficiency must never be at the cost of business innovation – something which creates a perennial mismatch between the operational and developer team.

Our Cloud Managed Services deliver seamless cloud experience that is realized by ensuring harmony between configuration, provision, security and application management.

We help organizations attain optimal operational agility, a better-managed IT governance and more inclusive integration of diverse components—from applications to platforms – on the cloud infrastructure.

Through our Cloud Management offerings, we define the best-in-breed cloud framework that allows for continuous delivery of DevOps across heterogeneous cloud models – be it private, public or hybrid.

Practice Areas

Manage Cloud Resources

  •  Manage all your resources & projects centrally – and uniformly.
  • Minimize the cost of providing the service.
  • Filter out the avoidable costs of a hybrid cloud environment.
  • Manage workloads effectively with a combination of strategic planning and tool selection.
  • Eliminate the complexities of cloud management.
  • Adopt a streamlined approach to cloud computing.

Cloud Provisioning

  • Make the resources available for customers on an on-demand basis.
  • Go beyond the flexibility and costs savings of cloud computing.
  • Provision multiple instances of a service simultaneously.
  • Accelerate the adoption of hybrid cloud.
  • Simplify the configuration and deployment of vital components.
  • Maintain complete control over resources and software subsystems.

Cloud Service Operations

  • Adapt to rapid changes in technology trends.
  • Streamline the delivery of cloud services throughout the lifecycle.
  • Move from technology component management to delivery of cloud services.
  • Gain visibility into existing & future multi-cloud costs.
  • Ensure the alignment of new/existing services to roadmap.
  • Enhance performance of hybrid applications, all the while lowering costs.
  • Improve service delivery effectiveness across all lines of business platforms.


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