The fact that cloud has become the new normal is old news. It is no longer just another interesting way to lower IT costs; it is in fact increasingly about gaining & retaining the competitive edge, accelerating business transformation and fructifying myriad game-changing possibilities.

Before reaping the benefits of cloud, businesses first need to transition them safely – a process that is often fraught with challenges ranging from insufficient planning to obsolete technology. Challenges in carrying out successful cloud adoption come in all possible sizes and severities. The biggest challenge isn’t the technology – it’s the people and processes that need to adapt first.

As-a-service: Roadmap to acceleration

In an era where just about everything comes aaS (as-a-service), sorting the wheat from the chaff is becoming increasingly difficult, but is something that must be done to get the ball rolling and keep the scoreboard ticking. Realizing, that changing long-held behaviors and mindsets regarding cloud adoption is the biggest challenge, we at S-Square Systems begin from there, sowing the seeds of a truly transformative change – one person/process/system at a time. Our Cloud Software services combine speed and innovation and deliver the best-of-breed cloud software in a secure and connected suite embedded with in-built best-practice processes. We cover the full spectrum of mission-critical business processes in the SaaS domain – including HRM, SCM, Financial contours along with the all-important backend processes.

Practice Areas

Change Management for Saas Applications

  • Equip your change management team with everything they need to succeed.
  • Inspire progress and reinforce the dangers of resistance to change.
  • Overcome project roadblocks using laser-edge execution and gain competitive advantage.

Multi-Cloud Orchestration of Saas Applications

  • Fulfill the promise of cost optimization and operational efficiency.
  • Leverage the best cloud management platforms and orchestration tools to enable hybrid cloud use.
  • Deliver actionable insights to business executives to make operations more effective.
  • Accelerate resource deployment and unburden the IT department.

Process Driven Cloud Transformations

  • Accelerate the journey to cloud and eventually, business transformation.
  • Know – and do – what it takes to drive agility.
  • Create a successful digitization strategy.
  • Make customer interaction a key aspect of the full-spectrum business process.
  • Identify “to-be” scenarios to help executives make strategic decisions.
  • Amplify the benefits of a process-driven approach.
  • Benchmark performance against the competition.


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