To make ends meet, the evolving landscape of new technologies and business transformation requires intersection.As a result, the majority of the modern infrastructure is under unprecedented pressure to transcend the very speed of business itself. This, in turn, needs a mindset – and eventually, a culture – of resource-centric digitalization to transform consequences of digital disruption into opportunities for agile transformation.

The message is clear as daylight.

Organizations need the best available solutions quickly and must predict change before they translate into reality. Among widespread information chaos, the answer is to deliver infrastructure services that are singularly focused on improving the ever-so-underrated UX.

Getting it right the first time

S-Square Systems does that and more. By repositioning infrastructure from merely an edifice on which the business is structured, to a catalyst of change, we empower organizations to enable their business in an ever-ready state.

By accelerating delivery and sustaining the contextual relevance of infrastructure, we’ve mastered the art of unlocking the hidden & trapped value of unrelated resources.

Our Infrastructure Services bolster all things IT with the right blend of innovation and expertise – to help meet tomorrow’s demands and enable agile infrastructure with simpler, faster operations.


Managed Infrastructure Services

Our outcome-centric approach to Managed Infrastructure Services connects services, solutions, and suppliers to implement industry-wide integrated solutions across the supply chain.

By eliminating roadblocks and connecting resources to accelerate your business transformation journey, we deliver exactly what you need to succeed. Our managed infrastructure offerings are driven by uninterrupted customer satisfaction, all the while helping you focus on core business.

Enterprise Risk And Security Solutions

Through a suite of security solutions, we unlock the latent potential of your applications, infrastructure, and data – not necessarily in the same order – to fast-track digital transformation and leapfrog your end-to-end value chain.

Our penchant for turning intrusion technologies into business goldmines inspires us to provide periodic risk assessment, proactive security of IT assets, data encryption services, IAM and a lot more.

Our vantage point towards enterprise security helps you thwart information risk and implement the right strategic tools to make your system invasion-proof.

Managed Support Services

At S-Square, our varying levels of monitoring and management support your organization’s changing needs. S-Square offers a full-spectrum of network management and customized support programs to fit the needs of your business.

Leveraging industry proven, secure remote monitoring & management tools, we provide 24×7 coverage.

With our Managed Support packages, you will benefit from the guidance of a certified & dedicated resource that offers flexible, cost-effective and personal attention to meet your needs.


S-Square’s experience spans across a multitude of technologies and platforms in the Enterprise Analytics realm. S-Square has proficiency in many popular open source databases and advanced and predictive analytics platforms. We operate desired tools and technologies to offer open architecture solutions right from organizing the data with best governance practices to storing, processing, integrating and cleansing data to final visualization, we have the latest tools and platform capability.


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