If you’re spending more time in solving problems than growing your business, the writing is on the cards: your organization isn’t as agile as it needs to be.

For many organizations, effective management of their IT infrastructure is a daunting task. This, in turn, has a trickle-down effect on the testing of sensitive data & interconnected systems.

While an effective strategy is rolling out automated tools to track and validate either the hardware or software, doing so without running into untoward challenges or high associated costs needs white-glove expertise.

Simplify and Amplify

At S-Square Systems, we know the importance of hassle-free infrastructure management.

Our focus on software defined everything, coupled with our on-demand deployment of advanced analytics and automation manages business-defining infrastructure components with panache.

It is this ability to evolve automation, technology, and processes, all the while adopting as-a-service models to your advantage, which elevates customer experience to a new level.

Our global reach helps us consolidate, standardize and virtualize systems utilizing customer-owned IT to provide low-cost, efficient and extensible IT all over the world.

Practice Areas

Remote System Management & Monitoring

  • Enhance the visibility of your business processes, devices, systems, and equipment.
  • Turbocharge your operational efficiency by magnifying the potential of IT automation.
  • Avail user-defined, tactical monitoring via instant alerts of changes and auto-solve programs involving business-critical components.
  • Keep the wheels of your enterprise running through automated assessment of network performance.

Information & Data Security Audit

  • Streamline the lifecycle of information flow.
  • Benefit from a comprehensive suite of offerings including but not restricted to forensic analysis, security audit & compliance, event analysis, penetration testing and security monitoring.
  • Develop controls of applications before systems are implemented.
  • Increase information reliability by aligning data protection strategies to your requirements, while reducing risks.

Disaster Recovery & Backup Services

  • Minimize downtime in a cost-effective manner.
  • Recover your business faster with sustained security and heightened reliability.
  • Better than world-class Data Protection and Disaster Recovery services.
  • Augment business operations with customer-friendly solutions.
  • Meet business objectives on or before deadlines.

Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Test

  • Proactively identify the invisible risks in IT infrastructure.
  • Carry out comprehensive application evaluation as opposed to a single stand-alone test;
  • Dissolve risks in application development process.
  • Detect threats facing applications, networks or systems – before they hurt your business;
  • Safeguard data and systems from malicious attacks.

Licensing & Software Asset Management

  • Focused detailing & documentation of corporate software licenses.
  • Precisely determine the applications that are configured on the corporate systems.
  • Identify sources of system tools to monitor license agreements and configurations.
  • Reduce costs and drive efficiency.
  • Extract benefits from software usage/value.
  • Enhance negotiating power and buying decisions.
  • Gain control over software licensing.


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