Literally, hundreds of applications and legacy systems are used by organizations every day. The efficiency of a business operation is predicated on the utilization of data and applications.

Be it transitioning to cloud-based applications, optimizing workforce or automating IT infrastructure – companies are increasingly finding that they cannot do without an expert technology partner who can help navigate the tough terrain of today’s business landscape.

In other words, process transformation is no longer optional. Service provider hamstrung by the lack of management support system cannot fulfill the all-important mandate of sustaining or improving operational margins.

Managing applications, technology, and systems – in one jump

We at S-Square are committed to migrating legacy applications to complement the evolving business needs.

Rather than conforming to the old-school tradition of break-fix methodology, our dedicated managed services are aimed at preventing such issues before they begin disrupting your business.

With our Managed Support Services, you are sure to reap the proven advantage of preventing fires as opposed to fighting them.

Practice Areas

Application Maintenance

  • Streamline business processes without affecting productivity or efficiency.
  • Traverse the entire EA lifecycle – from package evaluation and execution to migration via integration, support & maintenance, and enhancements.
  • Provide a secure and high-performance platform.
  • Reduce the time taken in bug fixing, debugging and troubleshooting.
  • Improve application performance by updating application management strategies.
  • Minimize cost of maintenance.

Database Maintenance

  • Create data and dimensional models which accommodate changing business requirements.
  • Get the desired results for years without having to make constant enhancement.
  • Transform data from your business intelligence/reporting applications into actionable information.
  • Get the most out of your existing business applications.
  • Maintain data quality across the enterprise environment.
  • Facilitate better decision-making while catapulting customer UX.

Legacy Application Migration

  • Painlessly upgrade your applications & systems.
  • Enhance security and productivity with efficient processes.
  • Eliminate errors during migration by automation.
  • Improve business performance by leveraging the best technologies and expertise.
  • Grow your business by using the right blend of current application management in relation to technology enhancements.


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