Deployment – Importing objects to Cognos connection

May 29, 2019

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Importing The Content From The Environment:

    • Copy the exported file from the Deployment folder of the other environment and paste the same into the Deployment folder of the respective server to import.
    • Log in to the Cognos portal where you need to import the content.
    • Go to the launch –> Cognos Administration
    • Configuration –> Select New import give a name and select the Content what we need to be imported.
    • Select the archive to import to the environment, which is pasted in the Deployment archive folder after the Exporting from the lower environment.
    • Click on the disable after import to disable the reports/Folder (Import content) after importing into the Environment.
    • Click on next and so on to Finish.
    • Click on the run option to run the import content and select now to run the import at that moment.
    • Click on the Options view the details of the import content.
    • Click on refresh until it completes the import job.
    • Once it is completed successfully we can check the content imported at the respective place.