Export reports from one environment to another environment in Cognos

Apr 25, 2019

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      • Log on to the Cognos connection.
      • Launch IBC Cognos Administration
      • Go to the configuration tab > Click on Content Administration > New Export as shown in the below screenshot.
      • Provide Name, Description and screen tip (Description and screen tip are optional) of the Export.
      • Click on Add to navigate to the report path and to export the same.
        • Navigate and select the folder which contains reports to be deployed (Exported) from the Cognos connection and click on Ok, as shown in the screenshot.
      • Keep Click on Next till you will get the below screen.
  • Select the action you want:
      • To run now or later, click Save and run onceand click Finish. Specify the time and date for the run, then click Run. Review the run time and click OK.
      • To schedule at a recurring time, click Save and scheduleand click Finish. Then, select the frequency and start and end dates and click OK.
        To temporarily disable the schedule, select the Disable the schedule check box.
      • To save without scheduling or running, click Save only, and then click Finish