How to find out schema name in Cognos Report Studio Report

Mar 30, 2019

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Please find the below steps to find out the Schema name of the Query Subject or Report Item:

    • Open report with report studio
    • Go to the Source Tab and select the Query subject or data item as shown in below screenshot
    • Right click on the Query subject or data item to know from which schema it is coming from
    • Click on the Lineage property as shown in the below screenshot.
    • Here it opens a separate window which provides the Business view and Technical view of the selected item coming from the Data Source.
    • Under Business View tab àData Sources, Data Source Name will be available.
    • After getting the Data Source Name, In Cognos Connection, Go to Launch à Click on IBM Cognos Administration
    • Click on Configuration Tab, On Data Source Connections, All the Data Sources will be available.
    • Please follow the below steps on Configuration Tab
      • Click on the data Source name.
      • It will be redirected to Data Source Connection name:
    • Click on the Data Source Connection (which lies inside the Data source name)
    • Click on the properties of the Data Source Connection, As shown in the screenshot.
    • Click on the Edit Signon under Signon Tab.
    • Here a window opens, where it consists of UserID and Password. The user ID is here as Schema name: