JIRA Server and performance improvements/Troubleshoot issues in Prod environment

Jun 29, 2020

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JIRA Server:

By using a JIRA server, teams can host their JIRA Software/JIRA core and customize JIRA software in their own way and scale the software according to organizations requirements. In a Production environment while doing upgrades/migrations teams can encounter with different issues.

Following issue are occur during server upgrade work.

  1. After JIRA server upgrade/migration, Users might have a problem with plug- in data loading, UI interface issues,


pick up the user/Admin credentials from database config file from Application data directory of JIRA server. Pass on the value to Database administrator to cross verify these details at database end. If they are modified, then DBA should update with credentials collected from database config file from JIRA Server.  Make sure restart JIRA server once details updated at database end.

  1. User count increased rapidly after server upgrade.


Make sure in the application access in system   administration, if any unwanted groups have been selected automatically during upgrade process. If any groups have selected the active users count should be double/triple or even more.

  1. JIRA server in not starting after upgrade activity.


JIRA might be not restart after upgrade, such things happen , go back to the backup file of conf folder of server and copy and replace Server.xml and Steen file to new conf folder. Stop JIRA server and restart again.

  1. LDAP server connectivity issue after upgrade.


In case of LADP server connectivity problem or LADP authentication problem by JIRA server after upgrade, make sure security files copied from back up and replace in installation directory. Also verify with LADP Team to reset the services account   password rest and check the connective.

  1. JIRA Server is slow while using many people


    1. Make sure instance having hundreds of custom fields. Recommend teams to utilize existing custom fields instead of going for new ones.
    2. Minimize custom workflows and share between teams instead of creating new workflows.
    3. Make sure JIRA Using right JAVA version which is ideal for current version of insatce.
    4. Do Regular apps audits and disable which not using .
    5. Maintain minum database connection pool for better loading of data
    6. Avoid memory leaks by monitoring and maintain JIRA logs.