QlikView Upgrade – QVPR, QVPR migration steps and issues

May 3, 2021

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What is the QVPR:

The QlikView Publisher Repository (QVPR) is a set of XML files. These files are backed up as .zip files

Contents of the QVPR:

    1. QlikView resource configuration information/service URLs
    2. Task and Distribution information
    3. Source Document/User document information
    4. SMTP Server info and Mail templates for Task failures, Notifications & Email Distributions
    5. Supporting Task information
    6. QMC Section Access Information
    7. Remote Management Service configuration and service mapping

QVPR Migration Steps:

Migrating an installation that uses QlikView Administrators Group

    1. Once you have installed the latest version of QlikView Server on both the current and target machine, create an appropriate backup of the current machine.
    2. Stop all QlikView services on both current machine and target machine.
    3. On the target machine, remove or rename the %ProgramData%\QlikTech\ManagementService\QVPRfolder, as this will be replaced with your backed-up version.
    4. Copy the QVPR folder from your current machine to your target machine (make a note of the folder name).
    5. Edit all .xmlfiles in the following folders, replacing all references to the current machine name with the target machine name.
        • %ProgramData%\QlikTech\ManagementService
        • %ProgramData%\QlikTech\ManagementService\QVPR
    6. Restart the QlikView services. Start the QlikView Management Service first, then wait a minute, and start the other services in any order.
    7. Restore the SourceDocuments folder and Mounted Folders.
        • If you are storing your source documents in the default %ProgramData%\QlikTech\SourceDocumentsfolder, then move all your source documents to the same location on the target machine.
        • If you are storing your source documents in a different folder location, then add the source documents folder path in the QlikView Management Console.
          • If you are distributing tasks to mounted folders, reinsert the path to the mounted folders.
    8. Shut down your old server machine.

Few points that you can check on

    1. Use the XMLDBViewer.exe from the power tools to change the servers name in the QVPR
    2. Best if the path locations of the file stay the same (ex e:\qlikview \userdoc)

Common issues related to the QVPR:

Common issues list:

    1. DistibutionService table “Reload Engines” added with new QVS resource additions
    2. Removal of unused categories
    3. Workorder/version and QDSCluster table GUID mismatches
    4. QVSCluster table QVSAddress mismatch with QVSInternalID field values
    5. SourceDocumentFolderResource table orphaned entries
    6. Environment moves, old servers to new servers and do not want to recreate tasks or configure RMS
    7. Errors in the QMC regarding missing GUID(s)
    8. MailTemplate table has too many entries for configured Distribution Services in environment