Steps to create Motion chart in Tableau

Sep 25, 2020

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    • Open tableau workbook
    • Open a new sheet in the tableau.
    • Drag the Sales into the rows and by default, it takes the sum of sales.
    • Drag the time dimension into the columns.
    • Change the date dimension to Monthly wise by clicking the down arrow button of the date dimension and select month and year on the columns pane.
    • Now the chart shows the sales from the starting month to the latest month of data available in the database.
    • Go to the marks pane and select the chat as line chart.
    • In order to get the motion chart, drag the date dimension from the dimension pane to the Pages pane.
    • Make the date dimension to the monthly wise data as we did for the date dimension in the columns pane.
    • After adding the date dimension on the Pages pane we able to see a filter or parameter kind of box on the right side bottom of the show my pane.
    • This will help us in playing forward and backward of the motion of the sales accordingly based on the action we choose.
    • We can do some settings to display the motion of the sales on the chart history to visible on the chart.
    • Click on show history checkbox, click on the down arrow button:
      • Click on the show history for all.
      • Click on the both for the marks and trials for the past sales of the date dimension.
    • Now click on the play forward button on the right side down the pane of the Show me area.
    • The cart will move from the start date (month and year) towards the last date (month and year), where we can pause using the pause button also.
    • These are the steps to create the tableau motion chart.