TIBCO BWCE–User Access and Issues

May 21, 2020

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This technical document explains the procedure of User addition in RedHat OpenShift where TIBCO Business Works Container Edition applications are hosted.

User types can be defined as below:

Regular User:

This type of users can send requests to RedHat OpenShift Platform API

System User:

These are default users created when OpenShift Platform is created

Service Account:

 These users are basically project related team members where each user can perform a set of operations based on the role given.

Please login to corresponding BWCE – RedHat OpenShift host:

Go to “View All” projects section as shown below

User access can be provided at application level, that means any particular user can’t be given access to all projects once. These project specific users can be provided with multiple roles and these roles can be modified at any time.


Basic User, Deployer, Image Puller, Image Pusher, Only View

Go to the corresponding application where the user access needed, or updates are needed:

Let’s pick “CC Gateway” example application as shown below

Now Navigate to Resources -> Membership under “CC Gateway” application (Example):

Membership section of OpenShift platform can be used to pull all the default users which are already part of Organizations LDAP or a new user can be created.

You should be able to see the existing users and the corresponding role: Users, Groups and Service Accounts under Membership section.

Now select “Edit Membership” as shown below to add or remove users.

At the right side, you have a drop-down list of access levels available against exist user, you can select to modify the access levels.

In order to add a new user under a particular application, You have to provide the “User ID” and select appropriate role as shown below: