X terminal for GUI on windows

Mar 30, 2020

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  If you want to invoke GUI from a remote Unix machine, we need to have X terminal server installed on local machine to redirect the GUI display.

Although there are many software’s available to achieve this from a windows machine, In this blog let’s see an example of using MobaXterm to start Oracle database installation in graphical interface, which is one of the best tool and easy to use.

Steps to install and configure:

1.Download and Install “MobaXterm 20.0” home edition (free). https://mobaxterm.mobatek.net/download.html

2.From local windows machine start “MobaXterm” and connect to database server (In this example, database server is in Oracle Solaris 11.4 SPARC – 64 bit environment).


If you already have putty sessions saved, it will automatically populate the entries from the saved list.

3.Login to your account and enter command

xauth list

 dummyhost/unix:11  MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1  052ade2d9e7c17813c39fb4b82c75cd2


 Port number shown from above output of xauth list only to be used while setting display. Here it’s 11 for example.

4.sudo to oracle database software account (“Oracle” for example) and enter below command.

xauth add dummyhost/unix:11  MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1  052ade2d9e7c17813c39fb4b82c75cd2

5.Set DISPLAY variable with the port from Step 3 output.


setenv DISPLAY localhost:11.0

6.Invoke any executable software like dbca, netca etc.,

7.Type xterm and press Enter to verify if the terminal is open

8.Run below to start the installer for database creation in GUI.



8.Run below to start the installer for database creation in GUI.



Known errors:

Issue 1: Can’t open display

dummyhost: {oracle}11% setenv DISPLAY localhost:11.0

dummyhost: {oracle}12% xterm

MoTTY X11 proxy: Authorisation not recognised

xterm: Xt error: Can’t open display: localhost:11.0


> id

uid=1571242626(myaccount) gid=200(users)

> xauth list

dummyhost/unix:11  MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1  052ade2d9e7c17813c39fb4b82c75cd2

> sudo su – oracle

dummyhost-<oracle>-1% xauth add dummyhost/unix:11  MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1  052ade2d9e7c17813c39fb4b82c75cd2

dummyhost-<oracle>-3% setenv DISPLAY localhost:11.0

dummyhost-<oracle>-4% xterm

Issue 2: xterm not found

Path of xterm on Solaris version 10 and above is “/usr/openwin/bin/xterm”

If xterm not found, Request Solaris administrator to install from the package “SUNWxwopt” based on the version as root.

On Solaris 10,

pkgadd install xterm <path-of-the-package>

On Solaris 11,

pkg install xterm <path-of-the-package>