No code app development with S-Square and redSling

Quickly build and deploy enterprise-ready digital services across your business


S-Square is a pioneer in harnessing the power of no-code app development. This strategic partnership with redSling empowers businesses to build web and native mobile apps without coding transforming how organizations approach enterprise-grade software development and maintenance.

By capitalizing on redSling’s technology, businesses can streamline development processes, eliminate complexities, and accelerate their journey towards digital transformation.

This approach not only enhances the speed of software creation but also opens doors for a broader pool of individuals to contribute to the development journey, making innovation truly accessible to all.

The Next Generation of NO CODE PLATFORM for ENTERPRISE WEB & MOBILE Applications With freedom of design and creativity at its core, redSling’s interactive builder can transform any idea into a secure, futuristic and fully-functional application.

Why Choose S-Square redSling No Code Enterprise App Development Platform

Entirely No-Code Environment

Ability to insert code

High on customization

Design-first Approach

Supports 3D Rendering

Code Accessible

Extensive on features

Supports automatic form factor fitting on devices

redSling is a design first to no code full-stack application development platform designed based on market feedback –  CX first with hosting anywhere and with the option to get working application code. It is on a composable architecture and can help organizations achieve sustainability goals.  

While development starts with CX, the environment incorporates the ability to integrate powerful application integration and complex logic.  This is in marked contrast to application development where CX takes second consideration to the application functionality, integration and incorporation of logic. 

redSling, while a no code development platform does produce accessible working code for the application.   

If a client elects to have in-house teams involved, the learning curve is very short (typically 1 – 2 weeks).  The platform empowers considerable savings in development time and significantly empowers productivity.

For those who desire a managed service, S-Square can structure a delivery model that enables you to meet budget constraints, build applications at scale, and remove encumbrance on time and access to skilled resources (app development, COTS system integration, infrastructure and security expertise, DevOps, etc).

Full Stack Development, just without code

Full Stack Development, just without code

S-Square offers redSling as a Full Stack Development solution allowing developers to build apps without coding. This approach facilitates the creation of comprehensive applications, incorporating both front-end and back-end development components.

redSling enables users to employ no code to build full-stack, scalable enterprise applications, optimize business processes and transform legacy systems by simply dragging and dropping elements.

Composable Architecture

S-Square has strategically leveraged the capabilities of redSling’s no-code app development platform to enhance the operational capabilities of clients. This collaboration empowers S-Square to harness redSling’s robust architecture, enabling the expansion of applications while ensuring an easy learning curve for developers.

With redSling, S-Square assists clients achiev cost-effective and efficient app development and adaptation, addressing the evolving needs of modern businesses.

redSling is based on a robust, composable architecture allowing enterprises to easily build and maintain applications with a shorter learning curve.  This enables enterprises to better build and maintain applications in cost and time effective ways.

Composable Architecture
Freedom of Design

Freedom of Design

S-Square recommends the deployment of redSling no-code app development platform because it enhances the potential for every element within its drag-and-drop builder to be fully personalized.

The platform incorporates digital marketing into the application development process, eliminating the need for a separate marketing effort.

Design Thinking methodology is greatly enabled using redSling because it’s builder employes drag-and-drop, totally customizable components.  No longer do you need to be a experienced programmer proficient in CSS or HTML or other languages.

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