Cloud Migration to OCI for a leading American health and insurance customer

Jan 6, 2023

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The Client is a prominent American-managed healthcare company offering a range of health insurance options, including traditional and consumer-directed plans and additional services like medical, dental, behavioral health, long-term care, disability coverage, and pharmaceuticals. These services are primarily provided through employer-paid insurance and benefit programs, as well as through Medicare.


This case study’s challenge was successfully migrating the company’s IT landscape to Oracle Cloud to standardize and stabilize their applications while also taking advantage of cost-saving measures and increased flexibility through new technologies. Ensuring the right size for instances was necessary to optimize service costs. The team needed to develop a migration strategy that included a “lift and shift” or AS-IS migration of existing applications. It was also crucial to the client that the migration process be smooth to avoid disruption in their business.


The solution for this case study was an out-of-the box temp DG configuration for migrating large databases to the OCI. A high-level roadmap was developed for various scenarios, including an assessment of costs and schedule. The team also provided advisory services on any related challenges and potential solutions. Automation tools and accelerators were utilized in order to automate the migration process, as well as re-configurations and testing.

Business Impact

  • The business has been able to reduce administrative costs by increasing its virtual footprint and reducing physical presence
  • To foster sustainable business growth and improve user experience, future-ready platform was installed a that lowered the TCO
  • Reduced operating costs by 40% and increased operational performance by 30-40%
  • CPU optimization and 25% memory optimization, as compared to the on-premises setup
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