WEM APAC and S-Square Join Forces to Help Clients Digitally Transform and Innovate through Low-Code/No-Code

Jan 6, 2023

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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, and La Jolla, CA, USA, December 09, 2022: WEM APAC and S-Square Systems have announced their partnership to help clients digitally transform and innovate through low-code/no-code (LC/NC) technology.

“Together, WEM APAC and S-Square LC/NC partnership enable our clients to realize digital transformation innovating quickly, easily, and cost-effectively,” said Krish Nandipati, Chief Executive Officer, S-Square.

In 2020, Gartner estimated 23% LC/NC market growth reaching $11.3 billion, $13.8 billion in 2021, and projected to grow to almost $30 billion by 2025. Further, according to Gartner, 65% of application development (in the small and medium size project segment) will be LC/NC by 2025.

When clients consider acceleration of time up to 80% faster, it is easy to understand why users of LC/NC are realizing 1/3rd TCO savings vs. traditional application development and maintenance TCO.

This is why S-Square is expanding its Application Development and Maintenance offering to include LC/NC solutions.

There is a wide spectrum of LC/NC industry offerings from lightweight to enterprise-grade and equally distributed from a cost perspective. WEM.io, introduced commercially in 2010, has been repeatedly selected in head-to-head comparisons against highly marketed industry leaders by major customers, including a large APAC country’s Department of Defense, one of the largest hospital chains in India, and multibillion-dollar European automotive companies. Evaluations repeatedly concluded WEM.io incorporates the architecture, security, feature/functionality maturity, and ease of use at optimal price point vs. market competitors, making it the repeated winner of these head-to-head comparisons. For this reason, S-Square is pleased to enter into a partnership with WEM APAC and offer the WEM.io LC/NC aPaaS to its clients.

Jeff Friedman, Vice President Delivery and Customer Success for S-Square views the potential for LC/NC differently from the traditionally marketed value of empowering “citizen developers.” Mr. Friedman sees the opportunity for IT and Business to change the structure of solution teams, increasing responsiveness to the Business. Today, Business is dependent upon IT to prioritize application development, often missing market opportunity windows. Further, developers are what Mr. Friedman calls “code linguists.” Expensive, hard to obtain/retain resources who know how to code but don’t know the Business and therefore require exhaustive requirement documents and time-intensive iterations to design/build/test/install solutions. Incorporating LC/NC, IT can optimize scarce premium resources to oversee API and microservice access to corporate Systems of Record while empowering Business to utilize techno-functional resources using LC/NC and employing Design Thinking and garage development concepts to rapidly and expertly craft market responsive Systems of Engagement solutions at the speed of business. Mr. Friedman sees S-Square helping clients initially implement such solutions to get an organization started and then either helping transition ongoing support to Business or continuing to provide this as a Managed Service. Utilizing S-Square, companies can quickly empower their organizations to deploy LC/NC with solutions such as IoT/IoMT, AI, RPA, OCR, VR/AR, Blockchain, and other typically difficult to implement technologies.

About S-Square Systems S-Square Systems is a software solutions provider that has been in business since 2002 and successfully engaging with Fortune 500 companies in various verticals, including manufacturing, healthcare, finance, retail, education, hi-tech, and

the public sector. As a customer-obsessed company, it works collaboratively with its clients to help them optimize measurable and sustainable benefits from their IT investments by adopting an end-to-end approach to excellence. Its industry-leading expertise, white-glove support, and flawless, platform-agnostic service delivery ensure its customers are two steps ahead of the competition. For more information, please visit www.s-squaresystems.com or email info@s-squaresystems.com.


WEM APAC exists to accelerate the business velocity of enterprises with the help of its leading no-code technology. Headquartered in Melbourne, with offices and partners across the region, WEM APAC is Asia Pacific’s leading No-Code Application Development and Hyper automation service provider for enterprises on benchmarking features, functionality, and price. We bring speed and agility into the enterprise by bridging the supply gap between the need for applications and the availability of developer talent. WEM APAC is where business meets IT. WEM’s No-Code Platform empowers organizations, teams, and subject-matter experts to build applications without needing to write a single line of code or have extensive technical skills. The platform can build, stage, and execute the development of applications in real-time, enabling rapid application delivery in a truly agile way.

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