akaBot Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Solutions

S-Square selected FPT’s akaBot RPA solution to help our customers streamline their business processes and drive efficiency.

Delivered as a Managed Service by our expert team, we offer comprehensive automation solutions that deliver significant results. Whether you need industry-specific tailored RPA solutions or generic processes, we have you covered.


Why Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

  • Savings in labor costs by up to 80% through automation of repetitive tasks.
  • Improves quality, eliminating error and risk.
  • Improve performance with 7×24 availability and improves turnaround time from hours to minutes or even seconds.

Why akaBot?

akaBot has several key differentiations from highly marketed industry competitors.

akaBot is designed to emulate a user or can interact programmatically through industry API communications

  • No need for IT modernizing systems of record from the current implementation. The software is designed to integrate with modern applications or to sit outside the environment and interact exactly like a user including being assigned an account.  In this way, no changes need to be made to any applications, even legacy environments that can no longer support programmatic integration.  Further, the “user” emulation allows for all customer security and traceability that are in place for any other user.

akaBot runs faster and is more competitively priced

  • Faster performance. In head-to-head tests, akaBot consistently measures to run faster than the market competition.  Because a Bot serves a dedicated function, the faster it runs, the more volume it can perform.  This translates into requiring fewer Bots for each function and therefore less expensive.
  • Lower cost of entry and lower TCO. Due to its ease of implementation, ease in programming, and lower cost of licensing, TCO entry and ongoing operation are less.

Backed by FPT, a $1.5Bn+ global IT Software and Service company.  As software development is FPTs primary business, its commitment to continuous development and integration of akaBot and the akaSuite ensures long-term stability for customers.

The strategic component of akaSuite

  • Built-in domain solutions. FPT and its solution partners have experienced many customer use cases in every industry.  This allows for a library of solutions that can be tapped for accelerated implementation and higher implementation success.
  • Integrated technologies (e.g., OCR and AI). akaSuite provides a broad and growing set of software solutions.  Each component is continually enhanced to make use of the other components ensuring customers can seamlessly integrate these technological solutions.  But customers are not locked into a closed echo portfolio.   Each solution is also designed to use industry integration standards allowing customers to pick and choose the best solution on the market to integrate for their particular needs.

Supports Managed Service Delivery Model

akaBot includes a complete solution including development, monitoring, and analytical reporting components allowing for end-to-end solution and support.

Why S-Square for akaBot

S-Square is offering akaBot in a managed service delivery model allowing customers to eliminate the risks and unexpected expenses of traditional procurement models.

S-Square is able to build a client-facing this delivery model around akaBot as a result of the:

  • Expertise in COTS & Application Administration Services
  • Two+ decades of successfully delivering Managed Services
  • Expertise in
    • Business Systems Monitoring & Management
    • Cloud Integration
    • Analytics Services

However, if a customer prefers to build an in-house COE, S-Square will work with the customer to initially take responsibility for the entire life cycle and help the customer build in-house expertise and then work to support their desired delivery model.

Most market offerings encourage expensive investment in licensing upfront and then leave customers dealing with the risk of learning and implementing in-house or securing expensive consultants.  This model often results in unsuccessful implementations, overspending/incurring unexpected expenses, and failure to realize ROI projections. In contrast, S-Square’s process ensures you know the RIO for each implementation before investing.

Traditional software competitors outline a general ROI to convince customers to make significant license investments upfront.  Then the client is left to decide if they want to incur the learning curve for implementing RPA solutions using the license investment or if they want to further invest in consultants to build RPA solutions.  This still leaves the client-facing decisions for the maintenance and operation of the coded solution.

S-Square ensures customers have a known ROI for each proposed business use case before authorizing.  We then proceed to implement and support each approved use case against a committed statement of work.  This ensures customers do not experience surprises throughout the process.

S-Square’s Managed Service Approach:

  • Identify a business issue for automation
  • Gather understanding
  • Develop/present use case solution including ROI for authorization
  • Implement approved use case
  • Monitor/normalize in production

Assess against ROI




Maintenance and Support


During this phase, we identify and prioritize process management metrics, enabling us to gain insights into the areas that require automation. Additionally, we evaluate different tool strategies and roadmaps to select the most suitable solution for your organization’s unique requirements. This phase involves designing and building robots to automate the identified processes. Our expertise extends to integrating robots with various technologies such as OCR, Chatbot, Voice, and AI, enhancing their capabilities. We also assist in establishing a robust RPA Center of Excellence to ensure efficient governance and management of automation initiatives. We provide round-the-clock operation, monitoring, and maintenance services to ensure the smooth functioning of the deployed robots. Our team also offers comprehensive training programs for robot operators and provides ongoing support, including change management assistance. Our training programs cater to both offline and online learning preferences. We cover popular RPA platforms such as UiPath, Blue Prism, Automation Anywhere, and more. The content and levels of training are flexible, tailored to suit the specific needs of your organization.


Use the link below to download our offering presentation to learn more about our solution.  We’ve also made available access to several short videos to help you better understand how akaBot works and actual working use case examples using popular COTS packages.

We invite you to contact us to discuss your needs and allow us to further explain how we can help you successfully realize the operational and economic benefits of RPA.

Industry Use Cases

Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance





HR & Services

Retail & Services

See akaBot  in action

Example Usage Demonstration  Videos

AkaBot Automation Process

Lead Generation Example

HR On/Off boarding

Password Reset


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