Effectively managing your IT ecosystem across channels, platforms and organizations can be an onerous task. In particular, recruiting and training the perfect skill sets – regardless of project types and the heterogeneity of systems – is always easier said than done.

Whether your organization is heralding a new strategy to target unknown territories or reorienting the staff on strategic programmers designed for an unpredictable landscape, the need of the hour is to source on-demand skills – well before they are demanded – to sharpen your business’s competitive edge.

Stay Hungry & Do More with Less

At S-Square Systems, we take pride in becoming a seamless extension of your existing IT team to unburden you from the rigors of constantly training in-house manpower.

Our unique ability to produce on-demand, quality staff across niche areas has amplified our success ratio in delivering projects spanning different domains such as project management, application development, advanced analytics, business intelligence and big data, among several others.

Do more with less in style, is our mantra!

Practice Areas

Contract Staffing

We ensure proactive peer-to-peer technical vetting to ensure the availability of the most proficient candidates. In turn, you can catalyze the convergence of software developers, designers and project managers to support major application rollouts, all the while ensuring adherence to industry-wide best practices.  Our services deliver contract-based credible expertise across the spectrum of Enterprise IT.

Direct IT Placement Services

Meet SLAs and complete projects before schedule, to meet budget objectives, without any burden of payroll. Through our services, you can optimize the most strategic component to business success—your staff, whilst plugging gaps by deploying skills as and when you need them. Create a winning proposition that compels top-notch IT talent to work for you and not your competition.

Managed IT Services

Deliver consistent and scalable performance for your IT support whilst effectively managing SLAs. Bridge the gap between your project and support teams to eliminate support fatigue and facilitate unwavering focus on strategic and transformative initiatives.

Learning Solutions

We are committed to helping you maximize workforce skills, capabilities and competencies cost-effectively. At the same time, we help individuals attain their fullest potential and contribute to the organization’s growth. Go beyond merely training and provide high-impact learning for performance-oriented organizations. Create a healthy mix of IT learning methodologies like ILT, online learning and webinars.

Project-based Services

Make IT work for you the way it is supposed to. Design, implement, and augment technology initiatives of all size. Gain a deep understanding of your project’s goals. Deliver the highest quality of project-based IT services with a focus on positive outcomes. Through our offerings, you would get a predefined set of deliverables that are perfectly tailored to meet your needs and allow you to reduce the risks associated with mission-critical projects.

Outsourced Services

Gain and maintain competitive advantage in areas of strategic advantage. Provide the depth and breadth of IT expertise that you lack “in-house”. Obtain unlimited access and visibility to IT management tools that are important for your growth. Eliminate all roadblocks that prevent you from using resource optimally. Optimize your system’s performance so that your success is not stymied by people, skill sets or experience, all while benefiting from the flexibility to scale.


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