Most enterprises continue to run their businesses on legacy applications and systems that cannot keep pace with the fluidity of modern ecosystems. They were built at a time when disruptive agents of change such as Mobility, Big Data, and Cloud did not exist.

As a result, they are still operating in silos and are unable to harmonize the cumulative benefits.

The end result?

A fragmented operating environment inundated by disparate systems and technologies.

Against this backdrop, the need of the hour is to codify this growing complexity using the infinite potential of the cloud to devise automated, scalable and future-ready solutions.

Operational empowerment is the preclude to transformation

Keeping all these predicaments into consideration, S-Square Systems are uniquely positioned to leverage Cloud Infrastructure to modernize IT infrastructure – by enabling extreme automation, transforming legacy business practices and increasing agility through a blend of public, private and hybrid clouds.

Our offerings support planning, implementing and managing diverse cloud environments with an enviable assortment of choices.

Our automated monitoring of multiple clouds help you scale applications without having to pile up tedious hardware or hiring elusive skill sets. Each cloud operates in a uniquely tailored environment with enterprise-level functionality, to address a wide array of customer requirements.

Practice Areas

Plan, Build and Manage Cloud Infrastructure

  • Eliminate the roadblock of complexity to business value creation.
  • Detect, prevent and remediate potential loopholes while planning a Cloud Infrastructure strategy.
  • Avail a portfolio of flexible options to implement and upgrade cloud environments.
  • Change the realm of IT from CAPEX to OPEX.
  • Guarantee 24×7 IT Services availability.

Private, public and hybrid Cloud deployment models

  • Discover which combination of models is best suited for your needs.
  • Maximize the benefits of a hybrid IT cloud infrastructure with your preferred choice of platforms.
  • Drive ROI and efficiency within well-defined SLAs.
  • Ensure optimal economies of scale and scalability across all industries.
  • One-stop point to run your services – no matter where your infrastructure lives.
  • Actualize the true benefits of Cloud Infrastructure Optimization.
  • Host critical applications with unmatched cost & efficiency benefits in a multi-tenant cloud environment.
  • Effectively re-position your business on the Cloud quicker, while eliminating the maintenance & support burden from your team.

SaaS, PaaS, IaaS and BPaaS delivery models

  • Select a business process that is in total harmony with your business policy.
  • Deliver better than expected profitability by getting the most of all delivery models.
  • Streamline the underlying cloud environments to support large-scale elasticity and scaling.
  • Leverage automation, standardization, and repeatability in a way that leapfrogs business efficiency.
  • Easily manage business processes in a hybrid manner to attain delivery of the best outcomes.


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