How to add a custom logo to Oracle BPM Worklist Application

Apr 23, 2020

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    • Before Applying custom logo, we see default Oracle Logo on the worklist application as shown below.
    • Login to the server and copy “worklist-wls.ear” and “OracleBPMWorkspace.ear” files from “/xxx/products/fmw/soa/soa/applications” to local machine.
    • Extract “worklist-wls.ear” and place your own logo (PNG format) and update the archive.

7-Zip -> Open archive -> worklist.war -> Open Inside -> create “img” folder and copy your logo here.

    • Save/Update the archive.
    • Select “OracleBPMWorkspace.ear” and repeat the steps.
    • Upload both files back to the server, restart Admin and Manages servers.
    • Logon to Worklist application – now we should see new logo.
    • If it doesn’t reflect, go to Administration tab -> update “Branding Logo” path “/img/img.png” (location of our custom logo) and save.