Steps to create dimensions and measures in transformer model

May 3, 2021

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Transformer model:

This is the model (.mdl) file that has all the metadata in it including the DB details.

Power cube:

Cube will generate when we trigger the model (.mdl) file. Power cube consists the categories and data and it is generated in the multidimensional cube (.mdc) file.

Steps to create dimensions and measures in Transformer Model:

    • Login to the Cognos transformer server
    • Open Cognos transformer from windows button and search for Transformer.
    • Click on the create a new model.
    • Click on next button.
    • Provide name of the model and click on next and select the source of the transformer need to build cube based on.
    • After selecting the source we need to click on the finish by unchecking the Run Auto Design checkbox as shown in the below screenshot.
    • We will get the new transformer model as shown below.
    • Now we need to create the dimensions and measures to create the .mdl file which is used for creating the power cube (.mdc) file.
      • For creating Dimensions, right-click on the free space top, it will show the pop box for inserting level, dimension… click on insert dimension.
    • We will get the below screen to either create a Regular dimension or a Time Dimension.
    • Similarly, we need to drag the measures onto the measures tab as shown in the below screenshot.
    • Right-click on power cube and select generate power cube to generate the multidimensional cube (.mdc) file.