TIBCO EMS performance finetuning

Dec 29, 2020

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    • How to improve TIBCO EMS server performance?

      • We need to make sure to properly configuring the available server cores utilization, these should not be underutilized or over utilized. Specific number of cores should be assigned to network handling related processes so all the incoming and outgoing message traffic will be handled in a systematic way, thus helping message processing in a proper way.
    • EMS storage file memory allocation impact on EMS server performance?

      • EMS server performance directly dependent on configuration and data storage file location, if planning to use SAN or NAS then we need to run few tests while trying to read files from network storage and then decide based on the IO statistics.
    • SSL connections will have impact on EMS performance?

      • Yes, while multiple SSL connections are established with EMS server at the same time, performance of EMS server will be impacted or there will be slight delay with respect to IO threads. It is always suggested to specify number of threads used for each particular activity to avoid any kind of bottlenecks.
    • EMS server crashes with out of memory issue?

      • TIBCO EMS server may crash because of multiple reasons, need not be just because of server memory allocation. We need to analyse how much memory is available and how much is allocated to hardware and also how much traffic is expected from different EMS objects. Always suggested to consider all the above and allocated based on the need.
    • Can we eliminate duplicate message processing in EMS for better output?

      • Yes, by using “confirm” activity we can eliminate the processing of duplicate messages or transactions. Also, acknowledge modes can be considered as well.
    • SOAP request / response slowness, can be finetuned?

      • We should determine what kind of data and request size are being expected, as SOAP request / response process the response part as well. We can still eliminate to process response part, but it all depends on the business requirement.
    • TIBCO EMS server configuration files location on local or storage is good option?

      • All the common configuration files and syncDB, AsyncDB, MetaDB should be on storage drive and where as exe and tibemsd.conf file should be on local (serverside) for quick and safe execution. Also, if EMS is configured on Fault-Tolerant (FT) then both the EMS server pairs should read from same shared location.
    • Can we have two different EMS servers which are in FT pair in different DCs?

      • TIBCO EMS FT pair should be configured in same DC, for cross DC EMS configuration like one EMS on DC1 and other EMS on DC2, we need to consider checking network latency and connectivity between 2 EMS servers on both the sides.